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Big Game Fishing: South Florida stands out as one of the best spot fishing destinations in the United States. We have dolphin, wahoo, king fish, shark, snapper and tuna, to name a few YEAR ROUND. Our winter and spring sailfish bite is the best this side of Mexico, and it is all within miles of the beach! Clear the third reef three miles offshore and you're in one hundred feet of water, the depth continues to drop off one hundred foot per mile offshore. Even our sword fishing is within twenty miles. At thirty miles per hour we can get you were the fish are biting.

Sword Fishing: Almost desecrated by commercial fishing in the seventies and eighties, the management and rebirth of sword fishing in south Florida has caused, One Of The Biggest Booms in Sport fishing history. About twelve years ago, when some of us were quietly leaving the dock to try our luck at a lost fishery, we discovered that catching swordfish was not just attainable, but wide open! More and more people caught on and now it has become a full swing boom. Caught not only at night now we can fish for them anytime. And as with all fishing with me, light tackle and release is not only allowed, but encouraged.

Intercoastal Cruising: If the ocean is a little intimidating to you come and enjoy the Venice of America. South Florida’s vast canals. We can booze cruise and look at houses or take a trip to a local bar or restaurant. We may even be able to do some fishing on the inside. Canal cruises are not as weather dependent as offshore fishing so it can be a great way to save a day when it is to windy to go offshore. We will customize your trip with catering available. Still a six person max, but a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Our Light Tackle Pledge: The intent of starting RingMaster Charters was to give people a hands on unique experience, where  you can fish like a pros  -  on your day off. That means as light of tackle as you want to go, and no pressure to kill anything you don't want to. We like to leave fish for the future. As a long time IGFA member, I pledge to do what I can to conserve our fisheries.

Ashes at Sea: The scattering of cremated remains on the sea's surface is timeless tradition -- a chosen funeral custom for thousands of years. For those wishing to plan their own memorial voyage, we will provides the vessel and crew.

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